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Welcome to Strawberry Hill

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Strawberry Hill and YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County are pleased to announce our ADVENTURE CAMP partnership! Children entering grades 1 – 7 can join this summer camp experience and explore over 600 acres of forests and creeks at Strawberry Hill with fun and educational science-based programs, take a swim in the YWCA pool, and enjoy weekly field trips.

The weather is (finally!) starting to warm up and summer will be here before we know it. Check back this week for more details – registration opens April 1st.

2015 Flyer

Get Some Snow on Your Hiking Boots

The local ski resorts use an advertising slogan every winter, “Take a Snow Day.” I’m not a skier, a snowboarder or a snow tuber. I’ve never taken up a winter sport unless you count my brief sledding career back in the 70s and 80s.

Winter was never my favorite time of year but I do remember loving snow days, a day off of school and endless hours of fun outside.  Snow gear was more creative back then. One year, when I nearly froze to death, my “snow pants” consisted of three layers: panty hose and two pairs of jeans.  My winter wardrobe has evolved since then and thanks to modern technology, I have more protection from bitter temperatures. These days I’m not out sledding until my two pairs of jeans get soaked through and my legs turn red. Now I’m more into long walks in the snow (queue romantic music). Recently I actually heard myself say to someone, “Winter is my favorite time of year to hike.” I was quite surprised by my own proclamation. But I began to realize that it’s true. There’s no doubt that the greenery, wildflowers, insects and activity of spring and summer is a feast for the eyes, ears and nose. However, the starkness of the winter landscape, though it may seem colorless and lifeless, is a wonderful backdrop for a “Who’s Who in Winter” themed walk.

Winter birds are a treat to see and hear. The cold dense air, snow cover and… Continue reading

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Vacation Cabin Rental


This is the perfect vacation rental for families and friends, who want to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.



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