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Community Day

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Register online here for Beef and Beer Dinner

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Strawberry Hill’s Community Day is a family fun day for all ages. Come support the Preserve, learn what we’re all about, and provide your input at our Member’s Meeting. Enjoy a Beef and Beer Dinner, Live Music, Free Family Movie & Activities, Member’s Meeting, and a New Facility Ground Breaking.

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Register online here for Beef and Beer Dinner


The Nature Photographers Worst Enemy

Today’s photo enthusiast has more tools at their disposal than ever before. The technological advances, just in the past 5 years, have been nothing short of incredible. However, as Jim Roof said in 2014, “Digital cameras have turned anyone with a few thousand dollars into a photographer, and that has done a lot of damage to the status of both the art, and the business.” Hmm, sounds a bit ironic…but read on.

Those of us that teach photo composition and have worked in various professional capacities since the days of films’ dominance, clearly understand that statement. In the 1980’s when programmable exposure 35mm SLR’s hit the market a trend began. Anyone with a couple hundred bucks could wear one on a neck strap and take pictures. But this does not make up for the lack of basic compositional skills. In short…you’re still a snap-shooter.

Fast forward a few decades…DSLR’s, ILC’s and super zooms that are capable of what would have been unbelievable in the 1970’s and 80’s, and SD cards capable of holding literally thousands of images. However, photos from these techno marvels will be no better that the person behind the viewfinder. That person’s creative knowledge is power! Ansel Adams was once asked, “What’s the best camera to use?” His answer, “The one you have with you.” Ansel used everything from 4×5 view cameras, down to 127 box cameras.

One often overlooked camera feature is your pop-up flash. Frequently, it will give you better color, better contrast, and may… Continue reading

Volunteers Needed at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve!

Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve

Strawberry Hill protects the Swamp Creek Watershed and connects our community with the natural world through environmental education and land stewardship at our preserve in the South Mountain Region.

We are seeking your Help!
We hope by calling on our members and supporters, like you, we will improve our governance, enhance our operations, and increase the resources we have available for achieving our mission.

General Board Member


Treasurer Responsibilities

Interested in serving on the board?
Call 717-642-5840 for information.

Volunteer – Join a Committee

Strawberry Hill has a number of committees making decisions and helping deliver our activities. While some committees may last for years, others will only exist for a matter of weeks or months, depending on the requirements of the task/program.

(click here for a detailed committee list)


We value the opinions of our supporters…
help guide the future of the Preserve!

Strawberry Hill’s Membership Benefits Include:

Reduced rates for classes, workshops, and programs
In-home and/or electronic delivery of newsletters and program guides
Campus wide Wi-Fi Access
Catch & Release Fishing Activity Books/Library Access

Pavilion Rental for private functions Opportunity to host birthday parties or company retreats

Membership Levels:

College Student/Senior (age 65+) $25

All of the above benefits
Individual $35
All of the above benefits
Couple $50 (2 related persons)
All of the Individual Benefits plus items listed below:
· One Free Weekend/Weeknight Program per year (2 people)
· Special… Continue reading
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Summer Camp

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Endorsed by Gettysburg Area School District
and Fairfield Area School District

Visit our Adventure Camp webpage for more information and to register!