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Board of Directors

Strawberry Hill Foundation Inc. is governed by a  board of directors made of up individuals with varied experience and backgrounds from surrounding communities.
The Strawberry Hill Board of Directors collectively:
  • Determine and periodically review Strawberry Hill’s mission, ensuring that the provisions of its charter and the law are being followed;
  • Set policy for the operation of Strawberry Hill. Evaluate and approve annual plans, ensuring that the programs are in keeping with the mission.
  • Conduct strategic, longer range planning to establish the organization’s general course for the future;
  • Help identify and recruit new members for the board, as needed;
  • Maintain fiscal accountability by approving and closely monitoring the organization’s expenses and income along with establishing fiscal policy and boundaries, with budgets and fiscal controls;
  • Provide adequate resources for the activities of Strawberry Hill through a commitment to fundraising and a personal gift;
  • Select, evaluate, support, and if necessary, terminate staff; and
  • Develop and maintain a communication link to the community, promoting the work of Strawberry Hill.

Board of Directors

Updated Dec. 2017

Board Member

Town/Township Term Term Exp. Years of Service
Beth Brantley, President Menallen 2nd 2020 4
Fred Froelicher, Vice President Littlestown 1st 2019 20
Kurt Kramer, Treasurer Gettysburg 1st 2019 1
Rusty Ryan Hamiltonban 3rd 2018 8
Pat Naugle Gettysburg 1st 2018 5
Deb Barnes Highland 2nd 2020 4
Sally Thomas Fairfield 1st 2019 1
Matt Teeter Gettysburg 1st 2020 6mo

To be most effective in meeting the above responsibilities, each individual board member is committed to:

  • Consistent attendance at regular board meetings;
  • Participation as an active member on at least one committee;
  • Participation in the fundraising activities of the organization in a manner appropriate for that board member; and
  • Preparing in advance before regular board meetings by reading and studying materials sent in advance regarding key actions and decisions the board is expected to take at the next meeting.

Strawberry Hill will support its board members in the following ways:

  • The organization sends each board member, without request, monthly financial reports and staff activity reports, prior to scheduled board and executive committee meetings;
  • Paid staff are available to discuss programs and policies, goals and objectives; and
  • Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward and thorough fashion to any questions from an individual board member to help them carry out their fiscal, legal, and moral responsibilities to this organization



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