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Our Water is Your Water


The people of North America have largely been blessed with more than an ample supply of clean potable water for several centuries. We have enjoyed what most of the rest of the modern developed world considers a luxury. We take for granted drinkable tap water,… Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Video

outdoor video

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of today’s digital cameras is the video option. Most DSLR’s, superzooms, etc. provide a means to record a motion picture. While image and video quality will vary depending on the model, the results may surprise you.

Like time lapse photography,… Continue reading

Get Ready for Winter Photo Shooting

If you’re a serious outdoor photographer you’ll rarely go out and about without a camera. The day you don’t may likely be the day you regret it. In my own experience I vividly recall the first time I set foot on Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.… Continue reading


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