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Strawberry Hill has a number of committees to make decisions and help deliver our activities.

While some committees may last for years, others will only exist for a matter of weeks or months,
depending on the requirements of the task/program.


We value the opinions of our members – help guide the future of the Preserve!

(click here for a detailed committee list)

Human Resources Committee
is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to salary and benefits for SHNP staff, annually reviewing personnel policies, reviewing requests for medical leave, overseeing any grievance processes, and leading the annual review of the Executive Director. Board President or appointed committee member is responsible for serving as a liaison for staff members with grievances. Permanent staff performance evaluations are conducted by the Executive Director and the Committee.

Education and Programs Committee
oversees recruitment, training and scheduling of part-time environmental educators and naturalists. Reviews ongoing educational programs and provides input for new programs.

Facilities and Resources Committee
recommends facilities repairs, renovations and construction. Responsible for long range planning for buildings and grounds. Oversees management and stewardship of the Preserve’s natural resources. Creates and implements risk management policies and procedures.

Special Events Committee
is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and promoting special events and activities. The committee encourages membership growth and retention, and volunteerism. Special Events include but are not limited to: Twisted Turkey, Maple Madness, Annual Meeting/Open House.

Development Committee
has overall responsibility to implement a comprehensive development program. Fiscal development and philanthropy will be cultivated through individual and corporate donors, sponsors and grants.


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