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The driving values behind Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve and Environmental Center include:

ee_program-_stream1. Natural areas are living classrooms for teaching about natural and cultural history.

• The primary teaching aids are plants, animals, and habitats in the preserve. Trails and programs provide hands-on experiences with an immersion in the natural world that make learning fun. This interpretation fosters an appreciation and understanding of healthy natural systems, while showing people how to take steps in daily living to protect and preserve the natural world

2. Conservation of natural areas.

• Natural areas are reservoirs of biological diversity. The plants, animals, and other organisms that are protected on these lands provide priceless and irreplaceable benefits for current and future generations.

• Natural areas provide ecological services such as water purification, flood control, and air quality improvement. They also provide critical habitat for migrating birds, spawning fish, and other wildlife, which in turn support local and distant economies through tourism and other outdoor recreational opportunities.Through proper management, these habitats will promote the continuance of these species and their associated benefits.

3. Natural areas are places where people can take temporary refuge from an increasingly urbanized world.

• Natural areas are places to strengthen environmental understanding and deepen one’s appreciation for the natural world.These places are maintained to provide an escape to the wild, allowing people to participate in activities that celebrate the outdoors.

Strawberry Hill employs a full-time environmental education coordinator who works to develop learning expereiences that connects the student to the natural world.

ee_mushroomsA range of over 20 grade level specific, as well as multi-age group programs, which conform to the Pennsylvania State Educational Standards for Ecology and Environment as formulated by the State Board of Education are offered to area schools by Strawberry Hill, as well as a variety of public education programs.

The goal of our educational programs is to provide local schools and the surrounding community with hands-on, active outdoor programming that is educational as well as fun.

The focus is on the local environment, with the hope that after attending a Strawberry Hill program, local youth will have a better understanding of the ecosystems that surround them, leading them to be better stewards of the environment.


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