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Maple Sugaring – Feb 24 & Mar 3

Maple Sugaring – Feb 24 & Mar 3

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Seeds in Winter

Barren branches wave goodbye to fallen leaves as the wind blows them over the forest floor below. The leaves that toss and turn cover something very important. Some will be eaten, cached, and trampled but others will lay dormant in the soil until spring…if they… Continue reading

Tree Identification

When identifying trees the first thing most people look for is leaves.  Knowing the leaves helps in the warmer months, but many leaves are similar.  The first part of identifying a tree by its leaves is as obvious as looking at the shape.… Continue reading

Picture Perfect Fall Foliage

IMG_7594Soon summer’s greens turn into the blazing reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn.  This is a splendid time of the year!  The air is crisp.  Skies are predominately blue and are often punctuated with big, puffy, white cumulus clouds.  In pre-digital… Continue reading


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