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Maple Sugaring – Feb 24 & Mar 3
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Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Application Available


Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Training – Spring 2018 for South Mountain Region


In the spring of 2018, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is once again partnering with the South Mountain Partnership and Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve to prepare citizens to become volunteer leaders in their communities through natural resource conservation education, citizen science, and stewardship. Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is a citizen volunteer initiative with three key components: an initial 55-hour volunteer training, annual volunteer service, and continuing education in the natural sciences.

Building Volunteer Leadership for Community-based Conservation

Master Naturalist volunteers design and pursue a wide variety of service projects from habitat restoration and native plantings, to nature walks and interpretative displays or publications on natural history, to water quality monitoring and supporting the natural resource conservation efforts of partnering organizations. Since 2010, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist volunteers in Southeastern Pennsylvania have:

  • engaged in more than 14,000 hours of conservation service
  • contributed over $330,000 in conservation value and impact to numerous regional partners
  • reached over 20,000 people through education and outreach initiatives
  • improved 600+ acres of habitat through stewardship service

Interested Applicants

Apply online through Pennsylvania Master Naturalist.

Once accepted into the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist program, participants begins by attending an initial intensive training. This natural history training includes 60 hours of classroom (weekday evenings) and field sessions (Saturdays). Following this training, participants will engage in 30 hours of service in the first year and 8 hours of continuing education in order to become certified as a Master Naturalist Volunteer. And, participants complete annual service and continuing education hours to maintain their status as Master Naturalist Volunteers.

Training Schedule at Strawberry Hill

March 20 – June 12
6 – 9pm

March 31, 8am – 12pm
April 21, 8am – 12pm
May 12, 10am – 2pm
June 2, 8am – 5pm

Training sessions cover topics including local wildlife, forestry, aquatic ecology, geology, education & interpretation, South Mountain cultural history, and more!

Spring 2018 Registration Deadline is mid-January.

For additional information or questions, please visit the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist website or contact Ellyn Nolt at or (717) 368-4899.



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