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Party for the Preserve

13th Annual Fundraiser 

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Help Continue the Legacy...

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October 4th, 4-8 pm

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2014 Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle

Twisted Turkey Website copy

Registration Open,

Click Here

Gettysburg College Office of Experiential Education and Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve thanks all who participated in 2013′s event. We invite anyone interested in running or walking through the woods join us again on November 15, 2014!

 Click Below for 2013′s Results




10M PW

10K PW

The location of this is event is at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve and in Michaux State Forest. This fun fall event is designed to offer runners a chance to experience miles of trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains, while giving families the perfect opportunity to enjoy the colorful autumn foliage.

Runners and non-runners alike are invited to take part in an opportunity to enjoy nature, food, music, and friends while supporting Adams County’s only non-profit environmental education center and nature preserve.

Funds raised will:

- help protect the Swamp Creek Watershed, a high quality cold-water stream,

- sustain the education programs provided at the Preserve for local school children, and

- support Gettysburg College’s Office of Experiential Education’s mission to help prepare college students to become active environmental leaders




Registration Open,

Click Here

Registration is made available through

Gettysburg College’s Office of Experiential Education


 10K and 10 mile races cost:

$45 per participant on race day

$40 if registered by November 11 (mid-night)

$35 if registered by September 30

1 mile run race cost:

Registration fee of $15.00


November 1st: Last day to guarantee a T-shirt


November 11th:

On line registration closes – walk ins welcome on race day till 9:00 am

(cash and check preferred at this time)

Race is limited to 250 runners

For more information regarding this trail run, contact the office at 717-642-5840 or email


~ Race Start ~

Runners: 10:00 am

Power Walkers: 9:00 am

 Race Day Check in, bag check, and walk in registration begins at 7:30 am




Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle Rules of Engagement:

Whining and whimpering are ok, it means we did our job!

No gobbling about the trail – it is a trail with rocks and slippery stuff.

No complaining about finding the route – it is a tough course – we designed it to be “twisted” -

The 10 miler is not recommend for Jakes or Jenneys (your very first race), unless you are in good condition.

Awards start 2 hours and 15 minutes, after the race begins-essentially 13 minute miles.

At mile 7, if you are not averaging a 13 minute mile, you will be directed back to the finish line.



Race Course Maps (course may vary slightly from the maps below for the event)

10-Mile Course Pt. 1 – Michaux SF: Glatfelter Tree Farm No.1

10 mile course pt1

10K Course (10 mi Pt 2) – Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve

10K Course 10 mi pt2  


Course Description

Update November 5, 2013:  - The general trail directions are listed below and if you follow these, or look at the online map, you will get a sense of the route. All trail distances are approximate as of Nov. – distances will be finalized before the start of the race.  The trails are now marked with Orange Pin Flags for you to follow, intersections will roped off the day of the race…there is no fun if we show you everything from the beginning!?!

The 10K-Course is as follows:

Start –The racers will organize at the Pink Log at 9:55am.  At 10:00am, we will need to start because there will be “not so happy campers” idling in their cars wondering why the traffic is backed up on this tiny rural road.

.0 – 0.5 miles–10K racers will run down the fence line around the top of the pond onto the White Trail; you are cruising for about 1/2 a mile at this point jockeying for position and getting your tempo set…probably feeling a little excited, anxious, but good that the race began. Once you come across the bridges where the Swamp Creek (Pink) Trail and the Nature (White) Trail intersect,.. Somewhere in here you will ask yourself if you trained well enough for this endeavor. You head up the hill to the kiosk and bear left on the White Trail.

0.5 – 1.8– After turning left at the kiosk and run a few hundred yards on the White Trail and take your first right onto the Purple Trail. This will lead you straight up to the Access Road/Red Trail. Turning Right, you run past the parking area/kiosk and turn right again to head down the Red Trail to the intersection of the red, white, and pink trail. You turn left at this point and head along the Pink Trail which turns into the Green Foothills Trail. Once on the Green Trail you will follow it straight and then it turns into a wide track and starts to wind upwards. A water station will be where the Green Trail crosses the Access Road just before the steep ascent. You gain over 650 feet in this 1.3 miles.

1.8 – 2.5 –Head down the trail and relax a bit, turn right at the T intersection and continue on a slight upward grade. This is a good recovery section. At this point the Green Trail will follow the Access Road down hill to a single track trail on the left.

2.5 – 3.3 –Turn left onto the single track trail still following Green Trail. This is a rocky section and the Twisted Turkey is waiting for a few ankle biters on this trail. This section is pretty nice and while you are in your groove, you can easily get lost in your thoughts back here…such as “am I having fun yet?, what am I doing here? is faster person really faster than me?!?” Stuff like that. Anyway, cruise away and watch that you do not get lost in the swamp creek area. You will emerge around 3.7 on a flat track.

3.7 – 4.3 –this is a pretty straight forward, wide track. Take your first right onto the Pink Trail. (DO NOT FOLLOW THE ACCESS ROAD…turkey hunters awaiting!) Heading south, you will pass the pink trail on your right headed north across the stream (DO NOT TAKE IT), keep going straight until you hit the clearing where the logging road begins. At that point the pink trail will be on your right again (go figure). Turn right and watch yourself as this area was cleared and there are branches and rocks galore. At 4.3 you will reach the next kiosk (a water station will be in this area)

4.3 – 4.9–turn left at the kiosk and begin to climb 400ft over the next 6/10ths of a mile along the Blue Baker Knob trail. Hit the kiosk at the top of the trail, say “what up” to the folks checking bib numbers and turn back around for the descent.
4.9-6.2 –down the Baker Knob trail you go, back to the Swamp Creek kiosk and turn left back to the Pink Trail. You are on the final stretch! Follow the signs to the bridge (White Trail) and you will now back track to the pond. Open up those legs now, as it is time to pass that one person who has been a few feet ahead of you for the last 45 minutes. When you approach the pond you will head to the left, around the pond, toward the road and turn right along the fence line and whala…you are finished turkey!  NOW That Was TWISTED!


10-Mile Course:

“There is a change to the start for the 10-mile course…beginning at Swamp Creek Lane (on the road), head up Mount Hope Road, take left past Strawberry Hill’s Flower Garden, cross the bridge over Middle Creek, head straight back through the picnic grove, turn left past the big white pine in the back of the grove passing by the gate with the white blaze, and headup the hill onto Michaux State Forest.  As you approach the clearing, instead of going straight on the trail, you will make the first sharp left turn and burn up the hill and run the route in the opposite direction than posted before, making right turns. Other than that, the course is pretty much the same, as the second half the course follows the 10k coursewith some minor additions.”

Youwill proceed along a wide path directly up hill and will gain over 500 ft and then you will lose that elevation as you complete the circuit back to the road. This is a 3.2 mile loop.  You will come back down to Strawberry Hill campus, cross the Mount Hope Road, pick up the 10k course along the white fence (look for green arrows signs for the 10k and yellow for changes in the 10-mile), around the big pond, and pick up the White Nature Trail. You will follow the same route as the other racers with the exception where the pink, white and red trail intersects (look for Yellow Arrow Signs to follow the changes). Here you will turn left at the kiosk like the other runners and will continue down the White Trail to where the Red Trail intersects. Follow the entire Red Trail and then the rest of the race is the same as listed above for the 10k race.





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