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Party for the Preserve Guest Speaker


Cindy Dunn

PA Cabinet Level Secretary to Speak at Annual Fundraiser ~ November 6th, 6-9pm

On Friday, November 6, Strawberry Hill will be hosting our annual fundraiser to raise support to sustain operations, maintain the health of the watershed, protect the 609 acres of habitat for over 350 wildlife species, maintain the 10-miles of recreational trails, preserve eight unique cultural heritage sites, and provide educational opportunities for children. 

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Community Day

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Strawberry Hill’s Community Day is a family fun day for all ages. Come support the Preserve, learn what we’re all about, and provide your input at our Member’s Meeting. Enjoy a Beef and Beer Dinner, Live Music, Free Family Movie & Activities, Member’s Meeting, and a New Facility Ground Breaking.


The Nature Photographers Worst Enemy

Today’s photo enthusiast has more tools at their disposal than ever before. The technological advances, just in the past 5 years, have been nothing short of incredible. However, as Jim Roof said in 2014, “Digital cameras have turned anyone with a few thousand dollars into a photographer, and that has done a lot of damage to the status of both the art, and the business.” Hmm, sounds a bit ironic…but read on.

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Sustaining Gift Levels

- $100 Friend
- $250 Guardian
- $500 Steward
- $1,000 Shepherd
- $1,500 Protector
- $2,500 Sentinel

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