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Migration is upon us – morning bird walks soon to come!

As a birder, there are two times of year that I get very excited for: spring and fall. These seasons are times of perpetual change in the natural world; living things brace themselves for the shift in climate and seem to either appear or disappear from our sight. During fall in particular one can see some pretty amazing phenology through some simple observations. The leaves of your favorite tree changing color, wooly bears crawling on the forest floor and squirrels stowing away tree nuts are… Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Video

outdoor video

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of today’s digital cameras is the video option. Most DSLR’s, superzooms, etc. provide a means to record a motion picture. While image and video quality will vary depending on the model, the results may surprise you.

Like time lapse photography, videos create a different kind of story than still photography. However, simple photo composition rules still apply. Angles, lighting, etc. may contribute or detract from your goals. Trial and error will lend to the learning experience. Your camera’s owner’s manual… Continue reading

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