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Field Trips

Strawberry Hill programs are fun as well as educational, featuring hands-on activities that involve all the students. As the only non-profit environmental education center in Adams County, Strawberry Hill offers a variety of programs ranging from 1 to 3 hours in length.

Some programs are designed for specific grade levels, others are offered to multiple grade levels. All field trips programs have been carefully designed with concrete goals and objectives that conform to the Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology as formulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

All programs are 1.5 hours in duration unless otherwise specified.

A Land Ethic: Promoting Stewardship of the Earth – High School & College (3+ hrs)

Explore the rich environmental history of the local mountain culture, from when the land was a contiguous forest, to farming and mining, to housing developments, and our present-day Nature Preserve. Why is a land ethic important and how can one be developed?  Program for high school and college students. 3+ hours, variable. Fees start at $10/participant, please call (717) 642-5840 to plan your trip.

Aquatic Communities – Elementary & Middle School (90 mins)

This interactive aquatic ecology program introduces students to the tiny insects living in mud and under rocks in the water. Half of the program is spent on the banks of the teaching pond with nets and identification guides, catching macro-invertebrates for up-close viewing on the ever popular Bug TV. The other half of the program is spent on a stream study of Middle or Swamp Creek where students will actually have a chance to get in the water, so bring your water shoes!

Meet the Animal Ambassadors – All Ages (1 hr)

A fun addition to a program or a stand-alone lesson itself, this option allows a group to get up close and personal with the live animals of the Nature Center.

Maple Sugaring – All Ages (90 mins)

One of our most popular programs and the program with the most limited time frame, Maple Sugaring introduces the process of making maple syrup, from tap to table. Learn why maple sugaring can only be done in winter, tap a maple tree with your group, and taste fresh maple syrup hot off the fire. Please dress warmly – this program is only offered in February and March.

Nature Discovery  – Pre-K & Kindergarten (90 mins)

This basic nature walk is designed to help young children discover Strawberry Hill and natural surroundings. Little ones will learn to identify a few different types of plants, understand why a forest is important, and find out ways to help habitats and animals. Choose from two theme options below. Concludes with an introduction to one of our live animal ambassadors.

Seasonal Change

With a focus on the season during which the program takes place, the group will discover how to read the signs of the seasons and discuss ways that plants and animals adapt for dramatic weather changes.

Five Senses

This program helps young children experience the natural world first-hand. In the Five Senses program, we explore our surroundings on a nature hike with several sensory activities at stops along the way.

Owl Assembly Program – All Ages (1 hr)
NEW FOR 2018!!  Meet our newest addition to Strawberry Hill: a barred owl!  Learn about barred owl adaptations and why owls are so important to our ecosystem.  Assembly Program Fee: $200

Owl Classroom Program with Owl Pellet Dissection – All Ages (90 min)
NEW FOR 2018!! Meet our newest animal ambassador: a barred owl!  This classroom program introduces you to birds of prey while allowing some time to perform an owl pellet dissection!  During the owl pellet dissection, we will talk about the food chain.  We will provide all the tools needed for the dissection.  Owl Classroom Fee: $10.00 per participant.

Team Building: Practicing the Art of Cooperation – Middle School & Up (3 hrs)

Students are encouraged to participate and work together to overcome obstacles, practice problem skills and support their teammates in several “challenge-by-choice” and leadership activities. 3 hours. $10/participant.

Terrestrial Animals & Their Habitats  – All Ages (90 mins)

Who lives in the forests and fields of Strawberry Hill?  What roles do different species play in the ecosystem, and what happens when they disappear? Find out with a guided exploration of the Preserve’s habitats, and meet one of the native Animal Ambassadors. (This program combines elements of past programs: Amazing Adaptations, Endangered Species, and Tracks & Traces). Program variations are available for different age groups.

Watersheds and Wetlands -Middle School & Up (3 hrs)

This intensive program focuses on the unique and misunderstood ecosystem of forest wetlands. Students will participate in a number of hands-on activities based on water conservation, watershed health, and wetland wildlife, including: a pond and stream study with Bug TV, a hike to see a natural spring at the beginning of our watershed, a full set of chemical testing of the water in Middle Creek, building a filtration system for muddy water, and much more! 3 hours with a lunch break. $10/participant.


Field Trip Fees

  • $7.00 per participant per program (unless otherwise noted) with a minimum group fee of $100.
  • One chaperone per 10 participants is required and is included free of charge in the group fee.
  • $7.00 will be charged for each chaperone beyond the 1:10 ratio.
  • Siblings who participate in a program will be charged regular rates. Children under 3 are free, unless in a pre-school program.
  • Visitor’s may bring spending money for gift shop items, too.

Minimum $100.00 deposit two weeks in advance, balance due on the day of your scheduled program. Checks made payable to Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve and may be mailed to: 1537 Mt. Hope Road, Fairfield, PA 17320 or you can pay over the phone by credit card. You will receive notice and an invoice via email when your registration is confirmed. A receipt is available upon payment, if requested.

Cancellations: Programs are held rain or shine, sleet or snow. It is not likely Strawberry Hill will cancel a program due to weather conditions, but if we deem conditions hazardous, we will contact you to set up a postponement date with no additional charge. – Cancellations made more than 2 weeks in advance of program date will receive a full refund minus a $25.00 processing fee. – Cancellations made between 4-13 days prior to a program will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. – Cancellations for any reason made within 3 days of a program will forfeit the $100 deposit.


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